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Get Moving For Trees

The highlight of this campaign is our Get Moving for Trees event that will run from the 10th June for 5 weeks until the 15th July 2023. 

Participants will register in teams in the 3 weeks running up to the 10th June. They will then walk, run, cycle or travel in a wheelchair for as many miles as possible over the 5 weeks. Individuals will record their own distances on our app (provided by atlasGO) and this will be aggregated up to Team total. Leaderboards at both Team and Individual level are automatically updated and visible on the app to stimulate healthy competition. Teams can chat within their team on the app and selfies can be posted and visible to all participating. 

We hope teams will organise their own events to maximise the number of participants in their teams and their level of engagement. As we hit milestones of 5,000 miles, corporate sponsorship will be unlocked which will be the primary source of money for our tree fund. This will be supplemented by any grants we receive, and by any fundraising done by the participating teams. Fundraising by teams will be optional.

This will be accompanied by extensive traditional and social media coverage which will help create the buzz, make people feel part of this big collective of Croydon’s citizens, and create an opportunity to amplify the important climate change-related activity that organisations and citizens in the borough are carrying out. 

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