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We seek corporate sponsorship for every 5,000 miles. Sponsors will be listed on the participation page unless they prefer to remain anonymous, and we will promote their participation on social media. We anticipate each milestone will deliver 3-4 times more to our tree fund through matched funding. More than 1 milestone sponsor may sponsor 1 milestone. 

Funds are also being sought through grants, which may or may not be matched funding. Currently, donations will be matched x2 by the Aviva Community Fund/ Our Wild Isles Community Fund. 


Teams and individual participants may also agree to fundraise although this is optional. 


And finally, you can play the Croydon Community Lottery: 50% of the ticket price will find its way back to us. 

Pledge Sponsorship

To pledge sponsorship or for questions on sponsorship please fill in this short form:

Thanks for sponsoring!

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