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Teenagers in Park
  • Who will plant the trees?
    We are working with Trees for Cities who, together with the Council, have an ongoing presence in the borough managing tree planting, enhancement of green spaces and the first 2 years of care for newly planted trees. We are also working with the Croydon Voluntary Action community volunteers to help ensure the sustainability of the work that we fund.
  • What is Trees4Croydon?
    Trees4Croydon is a campaign of the charity Change Drivers (#1181920) and led by the Croydon Climate Action group. The campaign is raising funds for tree planting in disadvantaged parts of the borough including the Broad Green Canterbury Rd area and the Chaplaincy Crocus Garden at Croydon University Hospital. The focus of the campaign is a mass participation initiative Get Moving 4Trees which runs from the 10th June to the 15th July, bringing together businesses, NGOs/ charities, public sector organisations, schools and colleges, faith groups, care homes, community groups and friends and family in the fight against climate change.
  • What is Get Moving for Trees?
    Get Moving for Trees is the key initiative for this campaign running from 10th June until 15th July. All are welcome to join and form a team or participate individually. Participants will walk, run, cycle or travel in a wheelchair and log their distance in our app: atlasGO. The app allows teams to log their distance in a variety of ways, chat within their team and with other teams, post selfies into a feed, and see leader boards of progress. It’s designed to be inclusive and fun, but with a critically important objective and message! Teams are encouraged to hold events to stimulate the engagement of their team members and others e.g. Sanderstead Cricket Club inviting all to their grounds for a pre-match walk. Distance logged will unlock corporate funding, and some teams will fundraise. Register on the app from the 20th May. See the participation page on the website.
  • What should I do next?
    If you have any questions, please submit them to us via the form on the website or email direct to If you are a team leader, please register here, and get your team members to register too. Begin to plan your team engagement e.g. who the team members will be, what sort of activity they will be encouraged to do both as a team and individually, whether or not you will have a target, whether not not you will hold an event of some sort and whether or not you choose to fundraise.
  • What does participation involve?
    Participants will register on the atlasGO app from the 20th May, all details will be released then on the website. The app allows each individual to specify both their team, and a broader group they want to be part of. We ask all those who register to donate £1 to our fund to cover the costs of the app. Teams are encouraged to do a little planning: what do you want to call your team? how often will you meet up? Do you have a target distance to cover over the 5 weeks? Will you hold an event? Are you going to fundraise? From the 10th June to the 15th July, participants will walk, run, cycle or travel in a wheelchair and put that distance into the app. Individual and team performance will be visible on leader boards and light competition is encouraged! We will promote all events that are open to all. Participation contributes to unlocking corporate sponsorship, but just as importantly to building cohesion and connections in the borough against climate change.
  • Does a team need to participate for the whole 5 week period?
    It's highly flexible! All participants are encouraged to walk, run, cycle or travel in a wheel chair for as much of the 5 weeks as possible. That might not mean every day! And some teams or participants my focus on a shorter time period e.g. schools where for some a 2 week period fits better with the school timetable.
  • Can I join a pre-existing team?
    Yes! When you register on the app, which opens 20th May, you will have the option to set up a new team or join an existing team.
  • Tell me more about the app?
    atlasGO is the provider of our app. Full details on access and how to register on the app will be available from 20th May on the website. The app allows the participant to log the distance they travel in 3 different ways: live tracking, integration with another application like strava, or a simple entry whenever you are ready. Participants can chat in the app to other team members, and to the broader community they have chosen to be associated with e.g. businesses. They can paste selfies into the app feed, and there's an option to send these on to your chosen social media platform. Leader boards are dynamically updated and can be viewed at team or participant level. The Croydon Climate Action group who are leading this initiative have used this app last year as part of an initiative Walk2COP27.
  • Can I register as an individual?
    Yes! Teams can have 1 member, but you can also choose to be part of a wider group e.g. businesses or schools. If you would like us to find you a team, just let us know at
  • Do team members need to raise individual or team sponsorship?
    Teams and their participating members do not have to fundraise. Our primary ask is participation, which in itself will unlock corporate and grant finding. However we would very much appreciate it if you do fundraise, particularly if you are a business, and donations can be made here. All funds raised will be provided either directly to a tree planting project or via our tree planting partner, Trees for Cities
  • Can children participate?
    Yes! Children under 13 cannot register on the app, but can be represented by an adult e.g. a teacher or parent. A registered participant can enter miles travelled for one or more minors or those who will not or can not use the app.
  • What if I don’t have a smartphone?
    You can still participate if you don't have a smartphone. You can either get a fellow team member to input the distance you travel on your behalf of let us know and we will do it for you.
  • Where will the money come from?
    The money for the tree planting is coming from grants, corporate sponsorship, individual donations and team fundraising efforts, and finally from any tickets we manage to sell as part of the Croydon Community Lottery.
  • Can I donate even if I am not participating?
    Yes please! Donations can be made here Trees4Croydon - Trees for Streets which attracts matched funding. You can also play the lottery, please click here. Trees4Croydon receive 50% of any lottery ticket bought through this link, with 10% going to the Croydon Voluntary Action Group, 20% to the prize fund and 20% to the operators. Top prize is 25k..
  • How does the Croydon Community Lottery work?
    To play the lottery, please click here. Trees4Croydon receive 50% of any lottery ticket bought through this link, with 10% going to the Croydon Voluntary Action Group, 20% to the prize fund and 20% to the operators. Top prize is 25k..
  • What grant funding is expected?
    We are applying for a number of local and national grants. Some of these offer matched funding, some absolute amounts. The greater the participation, the more chance we have of winning these grants. We have already been accepted by the Aviva Community Fund, the BA Community Fund, and Trees for Cities, providing valuable matched funding. Donations can now be made here Trees4Croydon - Trees for Streets which attracts matched funding.
  • How do I sponsor as a company?
    Companies can sponsor a milestone of their choice, we recommend a 5k milestone and a £5k level of sponsorship. We can then promote this association through our website and the app, and interview the company on their sustainability plans and publish those. The sponsor will get plenty of profiling as we encourage all participants to meet that milestone. Companies who sponsor may or may not have an associated team entered. If they have a team entered, the funding they provide might be tied to the team performance rather than the performance of all. Please contact us at to discuss sponsorship or make a straight donation here: Trees4Croydon - Trees for Streets If the sponsorship or donation is significant, we will offer a 3 hour Climate Fresk workshop pro bono to the sponsor. Workshops can accommodate upto 15 people in person, or 8 online and will be delivered by Sam Baker.
  • How do teams raise funds?
    Donations can be made here Trees4Croydon - Trees for Streets. We will publish fundraising progress on the website and the app.

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